Monday, June 14, 2010


As many of you know, my mom Sally fell and broke her right arm just below the shoulder almost 12 weeks ago.
I have had sooo many wonderful people inquire about her that I thought I would spend a few minutes and put down some details.
(This photo of is Sally with her sister Leona  5/16/10)
It has been a very hard 12 weeks for mom. We came so close to losing her a couple of times...

The break is in a location where casting her arm wouldn't help to speed the healing, and because of her overall health she is not a candidate for surgery (but surgery would not have really benefited her anyway).
The pain associated with the break has been terrible, and the pain management medication she was given right after the accident only made matters worse for her.  She couldn't tolerate the heavy narcotics and spent 2 days violently ill.  As a result of all this Sally's weight dropped to 87 lbs. The pain removes her appetite, and the meds she takes removes her willingness to eat-lol.
However, she has increased her weight to 91 lbs over the last couple of weeks-YAY!

Every Wednesday, we meet Leona, some nieces, and sometimes a grandchild or two for lunch out---GLO!

We also spend a lot of boring time at the hospital for x-rays, tests, and other medical drudgery...

There is still a long road ahead of her as she works to recover, but she is a very determined, STUBBORN lady (My dad and I have come face to face with her stubbornness over these last weeks, let me tell you)!
This is a picture of my mom and her "attitude" about eating...She wasn't even willing to look at a sandwich that day-lol.

She receives Physical Therapy 3 days a week, and strives every day to eat adequately (Here she is with her therapist Jim).

She is working hard to gain back her strength, and ability to stand, as well as her independence...she is sick to death of my dad and myself-but then who wouldn't be after 12 weeks with the 2 of us nagging and bossing her around?

Thank you everyone for your love and concern, I will  post more up to date info as she improves!
Love to all!