Friday, August 20, 2010

Simple Card Tutorial

We promised to post tutorials from time to time, and here is  very simple gift card.
I attend a Stampin' Up paper crafting class every other month.  As part of the class we do a card exchange.
Each person brings 12 cards to the class, and then each person receives one from the other students. Each class I get to go home with 11 new, creative, fun, and beautiful cards! I love using these for inspiration when I am making something...
Now because  need to take 12 cards to the class, I try to keep them fairly simple so that I can make them "assembly line" style...
First, decide on a color scheme with your papers.

   Gather all your supplies, such as scissors, adhesives, paper punches, ribbon, stamps, inks, and whatever else you might be using.
The most common size card in scrapbooking is a 5 1/2" x 4". 
This is the size of the card that I based this tutorial on.
My card is white stock, and I have added 2 layers of paper on top. The bottom paper (solid green) 
measures 5" x 3"1/2" . The top layer (patterned paper), measures 4 3/4" x 3 1/4".
Place sticky strip or glue on the back of patterned paper, then center on the solid paper, press down to secure.
Measure and cut your ribbon (I used 16", to allow myself the ability to tie a decent bow-lol).
Find the center of your ribbon, then place a small amount of adhesive on the back of the green paper to secure the ribbon in place. I wanted to off-center my bow, so I had to adjust the ribbon to meet equally to the side.  Tie your bow and trim the ends.
From here you can move on to your embellishments. I chose to make 3 flowers, just using a paper punch to make the flower, and then used different buttons as the center.
I glued the buttons on (I refuse to sew on paper, I mean, really? Sew on paper?), and after the glue had dried I added little foam dot adhesives on the back of each. I used a couple of thickness' for the dots, so that the flowers would have different dimensional height. I also pinched one of the flowers to make the petals appear as if they were just opening.
From here, move on to your tags. Stamp your paper with whatever saying you would like to have (such as happy birthday, get well, etc.). Then use your paper punch to cut out the tag.  A great tip is to stamp your paper first, then turn the punch over so you can see the placement of the stamp with in!
Again I used the dimensional dot adhesives so that the tag stood up of the paper.
Now just attach your flowers and tag on the card, and it's complete!!!
Also, I did not have enough patterned paper in the same design, so I used to similar papers, and they both turned out great.  As a last little touch I glued a matching flower in the bottom corner of my envelopes.

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