Monday, October 11, 2010

Flower Pom Pom's

We love Ashley at Little Miss Momma, she is so talented and creative. We wait for her posts to go up so that we can get great inspirations! We featured one of her posts recently, and just NEED to post this one too! You will definitely be hearing more about Ashley from us-she shines in out in blog land!

Scrunch Fabric Flower Pom Pom Headband Tutorial

Ready to learn how to make your very own Flower Pom headband?!

Here's what you'll need:
About 20-30 circles cut out of the fabric of your choice {about 1.5 inch circles}
Elastic Headband {purchased at Target}
Hot glue and glue gun
Let's get started!
Cut out one felt circle in the size you want your pom pom to be.
Take one of your fabric circles and scrunch from the middle.

Add glue to the end of the scrunched portion.

Place glue-side down on the center of the felt circle.

Continue to add the scrunched fabric circles around the center one.

...and add some more.

and some more...

and more...

Until voila! You have a full and fluffy pom pom!

Now flip over your pom and grab your elastic headband.

And glue your headband to the center of the pom.

Then apply the second felt circle on top of the headband to cover the band.

And now you have a fun pom headband!

Shabby Chic Halloween Pumpkins

I have seen many projects similar to the one's I made here, 
but I am thinking these may be rather unique...

  • scissors
  • tissue wrapping paper
  • assorted ribbons
  • Mod Podge
  • sponge paint brush
  • white primer spray paint
  • Sharpie markers
I purchased a few pumpkins from the Dollar Tree Store, and spray painted them with white primer.
Next, I measured from the base of the stem down to the bottom middle of the pumpkin (in this case the measurement was about 8 inches).
  I purchased this white and black tissue wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby. I took 2 sheets of the paper, laying 1 on top of the other, then folded them into fourths.
I cut 8" rectangle's through all the layers of papers, so that it gave me about 20-22 pieces of tissue paper. I then rounded off 1 end slightly so that the top had an oval shaped edge..
Starting at the top of the pumpkin, I painted a 3" line of Mod Podge down the pumpkin to the center of the bottom, and taking the a piece of the tissue paper, I placed the short, flat shaped end up against the base of stem and smoothed the paper down over the pumpkin until it adhered well. I used additional Mod Podge to make sure that all the edges stuck down tight. I carefully pressed the surfaces to make sure it was well stuck down and and the small wrinkles were smoothed out.  I repeated these steps again, this time using the oval cut end of the paper up next to the stem, and overlapping the 2nd piece of tissue slightly over the 1st piece of tissue.  Continue on around the pumpkin, staggering the flat end with the oval shaped end around the stem, until the pumpkin is completely covered with the tissue strips. Then working carefully completely coat the outside of the pumpkin/tissue with more Mod Podge until ALL of the tissue paper has received a layer.  Don't over coat with the glue however, because the thicker the coat, the more the pattern in the paper will become foggy in appearance.  Let this all dry-usually 3-4 hours in an airy place.
 Next, using a Sharpie Marker (in my case I used silver), simply color the stem of the pumpkin so that it is completely 1 color (if you are using real pumpkins, it is easiest to just spray the stem with the primer and leave it white). Cut your strips of ribbon to desired length (I used a 6" measurement), stack them, and use 1 additional piece of ribbon to tie them all together in the center. Glue the ribbon cluster onto the top of the pumpkin, and the project is complete!
I think this pumpkin is my personal favorite.
 However, I did not use tissue paper for this pumpkin, (and after working on this one I realized I would not have had to paint it first either) I purchased lunch size treat bags for the party section of Hobby Lobby and simply cut them to the same measurements as the tissue paper! These have a gorgeous glossy black and silver foil pattern that I just love!
~You use the exact same steps with the sack paper as you do the tissue paper~

What do you think? I'm lovin em!