Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The forgotten Gift Idea

Even though the holidays have just ended and you have given a gift to possibly every person in your state (or so it may seem to you), I have a great idea to help you be prepared for those little surprise moments when you need a quick gift to give.  There is always the forgotten birthday, the unexpected drop in, a housewarming party, that father/mothers day and who knows what all, so I keep several of these little gifts in my pantry as a fast go-to when I am caught unprepared (happens more than I will admit).  This is very simple and just by giving this basic idea some additional thought, I know that our readers will come up with even better idea's (remember to share them with me, I always need help)!

I purchase several cans of premixed salsa seasoning, and then divide some of the cans up into 1/2 pint or 1 pint jars.  Add a little ribbon, a few embellishments and a simple tag with instructions, and that completes the project!
Easy, Peesey!

(I purchase the H and H brand 30-second salsa mix because it is the one my family likes the most, and this is in no way a solicited endorsement.  Just some info about the item I like.)
HnH Brands Seasoning
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