Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Halloween Door "Wreath" Decor

This was a pretty simple craft for me to make (that's why I made it).  It took some time, mostly waiting for the Mod Podge to dry, but it went together quickly, and I like the results!

Last fall I created some pumpkins for the Halloween holiday, and this is just a quick take-off from that original idea.

You will need the following supplies:

  • 2 Foam pumpkins
  • 2- 12x12 scrapbook papers for each 1/2 pumpkin 
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge paint brush (or any paint brush)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun (and glue-duh)
  • Raffia
  • Craft wire
  • Stapler
  • Ribbon(s)
  • Something to cover your workspace table (I used a plastic table cloth I had purchased at the dollar store, and had on hand).

Get your pumpkin, and slice it in half, from the middle of the stem down to the base of the pumpkin (I got my father to do this, so it was super easy for me).
He used a sharp kitchen knife, laid the pumpkin on a towel so it wouldn't slip too easily, and wore a pair of protective gloves.  It was pretty quick actually, I had just enough time to pour myself a Diet Coke.

Next, take your 2 scrapbook sheets, cut 1 of them into 4 pieces, and the other sheet into 2 equal halves.
For one of my pumpkins, I actually used a gift/lunch sack that I had purchased at my local Hobby Lobby store. I simply cut the sack open, discarding the bottom of the sack.
Next take one 1/2 sheets of the paper and place it over the top center of the pumpkin, and if necessary, cut a small 'V" so that the paper can fold around the stem.
Slightly press and pinch the paper around the inside edges of the pumpkin. this will help give you a guideline on keeping the paper where you want it. 
 Now, remove the paper, cover the top of the pumpkin liberally with Mod Podge, and start pressing the paper onto the pumpkin.

If you are using a heavier paper, such as card stock, you will need to coat the back side of the paper with Mod Podge before placing it on the pumpkin to help soften the paper and make it more malleable.  Remember to also apply the Podge to the edges of the pumpkin, and inside far enough that the paper can fold over and adhere inside.  Press the paper onto the pumpkin as smoothly as possible, removing all the bubbles underneath.
With the remaining paper pieces, simply cover the rest of the pumpkin.  Coat the exterior with a nice layer of Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.  You may want to apply a second coat to make sure it is well sealed (especially if you are going to use these outside).
I left a small part of my pumpkin uncovered so that you can see  how the pumpkin looked during progress.
 Allow a lot of drying time after this step.  I left mine overnight.
 The next day, I took my 2" wide grosgrain ribbon, rolled out a strip on the floor, put the pumpkin 1/2's on top of the ribbon, decided how far apart I wanted to hang them, measured and marked the ribbon, and went to work attaching them.
I put some hot glue on the back of the pumpkin, and pressed the ribbon on until it was almost cooled.  while the glue was still a little warm I popped a couple of staples in to help make secure the ribbon and pumpkin together.
I had a hard time trying to decide how to finish up the bottom of my "wreath", but finally decided to make some little ribbon tails.

Once I had all the pumpkins attached, I used the trusty glue gun (that leaves awesome blisters on my fingers) to attach my raffia ribbon and a couple of other coordinating ribbons at the base of the pumpkin stem. 
I used my craft wire to make some of those cute little curly-Q things that pumpkins have.  I wound the wire around a marker, and bent one end downward so that I could push it into the pumpkin.  That was my plan. Not a good plan.  I stabbed my blistered fingers with that wire numerous times before the light in my head went on.
I took my bead reaming tool, a small hammer, and tapped a hole into the pumpkin.  The I glued the little curly thing and called it good.

 The final thing I had to figure out was how to hang this on my front door.  My door is 8 feet tall, and I can't use the typical over the door wreath hanger.  Also, I have just had my exterior doors repainted, so there is no way I'm putting a hook on there! I've seen the awesome ribbon idea on Pinterest, so I decided to give it a go.  I used a key ring for my hook, and just glued the ribbon over on itself.
After that, the finish was in sight! I used one of those brilliant removable 3M Command hook things, stuck it upside down on the door, dropped the ribbon over the door top, and I WAS DONE!!!
I am happy with the finished product, and I'm happy with the way it turned out.
What do you think?

Oh, and what did I do with the extra 1/2 pumpkin I had?  I finished it in the same way as these 3 pumpkins, suspended it inside an open back frame, and gave it to a friend for her birthday.  Yep, I forgot to take any pictures of it.  Lame.

I was inspired by a photo on this blog:

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