Friday, September 24, 2010

Ceiling Fan Make-over This is just plain cool!

Jan at Bobbiepin's Boardwalk is just awesome.  Brilliance is her middle name!
Look at this tutorial-everybody has a nasty old ceiling fan they are wishing to get rid of...

Must we sacrifice comfort for beauty?
Is the more functional piece truly considered to be "undesirable"?
Must we sweat for the sake of design style?
Is the ceiling fan truly such an eyesore?

YES, YES, YES -- I admit it, but I refuse to give up my ceiling fans, especially this one with all the little stars stuck on the popcorn ceiling with the little soccer ball fan pull.  There must be something else -- another way!!!

Ahhhh -- Much Better.  Maybe I could tone down the pulls a bit, but I always have LOVED big and dangling hoop earrings! 
I have 9 ceiling fans in my home and patio and we use them. I admit, however, that some of them just aren't too terribly attractive, so it's time to start doing some updating without spending money on new fans or light fixtures.  Here is the process I used for the fan in the guest room.

1.  I spray-painted the edges and one flat side of the fan blades white (in the event the paper wasn't thick enough to hide the brown fan blades).  I also spray-painted the shiny brass ring that attaches to the light globe (This had previously fallen off.)  While these dried, I primed and painted the fan base which was still attached to the ceiling.  I used a sponge brush and Kilz primer, followed by a white trim paint.

2.  Here are the supplies you will need to cover your blades (and the popcorn is not an option).  The wrapping paper was purchased at Target.

3.   I  applied just a small amount of Gorilla Glue to reattach the ring around the globe.

4.  Lay your fan blade on the paper, being mindful of the pattern and where it will appear on the blade.  Mark with a pen and cut with scissors.  Repeat for each fan blade.

5.  Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the fan blade.

6.  Attach your paper, and then apply more Mod Podge.

7.  Rub your finger over the paper to remove all air bubbles and flatten any wrinkles that have appeared.  Repeat this for each fan blade.

8.  Allow the Mod Podge to dry and then reattach the fan blades and light globe to the fixture.

9.  Attach something unique for the fan pulls.  I consider this to be the jewelry of the fan.  Some ideas would be beautiful tassels, buttons, corks, shells, beads, chandelier crystals, etc.  I used porcelain ornaments, which I mod-podged in the same paper.  The pictures makes them appear large, but they really don't look that big; and I think they add to the uniqueness of the fan.  

Another type of paper to cover your blades would be a faux grass-cloth, using either wrapping paper or wall-paper.  You could also do some stenciling or hand-painting, perhaps monogram each blade.  
Join me as we take a stand to save our ceiling fans.  Do you have any other ideas that could be used to update ceiling fans?

thank you Jan!