Monday, September 20, 2010

Ribbon Flower Corsage

I want to thank Tami over at  
(don't you just love the name of her blog?).
A simple tutorial that creates a really elegant flower, and great on your budget to boot!
And if the tutorial isn't perfect enough, Tami has divine recipes on her blog too! Check her out!

This is a super easy flower corsage that I made with ribbon that you can attach to just about anything.  You could sew it on to something or use a pin clasp (or in my case just a safety pin since I ran out of pin clasps.)  All you need is some ribbon and some hot glue!  
Excuse my rotary son decided that it needed his artistic touch a few years ago.

First cut 12 strips at 2 1/2 inches long and dab small bits of hot glue at the end of your ribbon and fold each corner over a bit.  Put a dab of glue in the center at the top and fold the top over.  Do the same for all 12 petals.
Once you have them all done cut out a small felt circle and start placing them on there with small dabs of hot glue.  I folded the ribbon back on each side too create a pleat or so (see below.)   Glue 6 of the petals on.  Now for the next layer of petals just start gluing them on in the same manner as the first layer but overlaying in between the first layer.   
For the center of the flower just take a strip of ribbon and folded it half.  Run a loose running stitch on the edge of the folded ribbon and gathered it up.  Next start rolling it up to form a bud or small flower in the center and use a needle and thread to stitch the bottom of it to secure it.  Its hard to see in the picture because of the black ribbon.  After you have made your center just apply it to the center of the petals with some hot glue and your flower corsage is ready!
 Here is the finished flower...I attached it to my purse that I made
You could also pin it to a sweater...
You could also attach it to a necklace!  I just ran the small safety pin through the chains and connected them.

I just keep thinking about the endless possibilities! The colors, the uses, the sizes, the glamor, the envy of my friends...