Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 minute Luminary!

When I saw this luminary it was instant love! It's beautiful and simple yet elegant and trendy/
It is inspiring...think of the endless possibilities-Halloween, the Thanksgiving table, Christmas parties, romantic moments. Just imagine...
Ok, now I can get on with the actual tutorial-Thank you to Jalinda for posting this creative project, We love it!

I picked up this awesome velum from Michaels.

Once I saw the swirls that was it, I had to have it!

I cut the velum to about 10" high. Then rolled up and simply stapled to keep it closed.

This velum looks great all on its own with it's foggy color, however, I added another thinner piece of velum to give it some additional color.

The second velum doesn't need to be stapled, just roll and drop inside of the first velum roll.

It's not too big of a difference just adds a hint of color.

And then I glued ribbon to the top and bottom ends. This is an extra but not necessary step. I kind of think it looks great without the ribbon, but it's nice to have that option. :)

I'd recommend to use an LED light for this luminary. But if you want a real candle, find a small candle and place inside of a glass holder to keep the flame away from the luminary.

Easy and fun!