Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Moisturizing Lotion-Best Ever!

I started making this lotion MONTHS ago.
I first came across the tutorial via Pinterest in February of this year (2012) and I've been wanting to get this post up for months now, but life has a way of deciding my schedules for me at times...
Well, enough about me, back to the lotion...I must say I love it!
It's incredibly easy to make, and when used regularly, it really, really helps keep my skin soft and moisturized.
My old skin is like a lizard hide, after being left in the sun for months, in the desert, without any rain...really horrible.  I blame this problem on my children. In fact, I blame ALL of my "problems" on my kids-that's why I had them...ha!(ooops, that was more about me).
Anyway, try this cool DIY project for yourself.  I think you will be glad you did!
Sweet and Simple Moisturizing Lotion
1 (16 oz.) bottle baby lotion
1 c. (8 oz.) solid coconut oil
8 oz vitamin E cream
2 (8 oz.)  empty bottles or jars
In a large mixing bowl, pour all of the lotion, the vitamin E cream and the cup of solid coconut oil (do not melt the oil). 
Using a hand mixer, beat the ingredients together, until it is smooth and creamy.

Pour into your bottles or jars, seal and fall in love.
The lotion is fairly thick, so I used a large spout funnel, and just gently tapped the lotion down into the bottle. It worked very nicely.
The little jar in the photo is from the vitamin E cream. I simply removed the label and washed it out (see tips on using this jar).

The helpful tips that I've discovered along the way...
  • You can buy a 2-pack of vitamin E cream in the lotion section at Walmart for about $4.00.
  • I bought the bottle of baby lotion at Dollar Tree.
  • The original "recipe" calls for organic coconut oil, but I couldn't find any, so I just used the coconut oil (consistency of solid shortening) that I buy for making popcorn.  You can find this in the baking isle at your local store.
  • You can pour the lotion mix back into the baby lotion bottle, then you will only need a small jar for the remaining quantity.
 Big tip:  Use pump bottles or "rocker lid" bottles for the lotion.  I found that the mix separates after a while if its in a jar or large mouth bottle.  When you use the pump or rocker top, the air doesn't seep in to help separate the lotion.
  • If your lotion does separate, just whip it back up with your hand mixer!
I bought a dozen rocker lid 8 oz. bottles on Etsy, for around $12.00, but I don't remember the shipping cost.
Here are a couple of examples:
4 oz. rocker lid tops-these are $13.00 for a dozen, including shipping

8 oz. pump lid bottles-1 dozen for $21.00 including shipping
(These are actual links but still just examples, there are 100's of options on Etsy).
Anyway, you get the idea, right?
(small update:  I discovered that you can buy the smaller travel size rocker top and pump bottles in 3 packs at Dollar Tree. 3 bottles for $1.00-gotta love that!)
I do find that my hands feel slightly "oiled" after I use this lotion, so I just keep a small wash cloth by the bottle to wipe my hands on.

I think this makes a really fun gift, or a quick activity for a girls birthday party, or an excellent baby shower favor!

I want to try making this with a wonderful "girly" smelling lotion, like something from Bath & Body Works, but so far I haven't done it.  If you give that a try, let us know how it turns out!

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Katie Drane said...

How am I just now finding your blog? What a great recipe and it's so easy. I'm so glad that I'm following you!


Jean Marie said...

I always like the homemade productions specially when it comes to skin care.
Thanks For Sharing.
Ayurveda skin care

Anonymous said...

I use the coconut oil right out of the jar, same as you have pictured, then I follow with baby lotion lol, so I am thrilled to find this post since I nevet considered mixing them together... Duh lol. However, now you have me much anticapating my seasonal "Vanilla Bean Noel" from Bath and Body mixed this way!!!

Kim Caswell said...

This sounds awesome but I have a question: Can I add essential oil to this to give it a nice scent?

Ctina said...

Absolutely :)

Anonymous said...

Can I use vitamin E oil instead of the cream

TheJewelry Jar said...

I don't think using a liquid would give you the same consistency as a lotion. It would be much thinner mix and may separate quickly.
Let me know if you decide to go ahead and try it though! I would love to here the outcome because I may be very wrong. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have made and used this recipe for years. Love it! I recently substituted the baby lotion with Aveeno Baby Calming lotion in the lavender/vanilla scent. It works well and smells nice. Thank you for sharing the recipe for others to try.