Monday, October 3, 2011

Witchy Halloween Wreath

Have you all heard of Pinterest?  I am obsessed, I spend waaaaay too much time browsing the Pinterest sites, but heavens, the inspiration I find! 
A couple of weeks ago, I found the most awesome, fabulous, creative, divine and gorgeous wreath I have ever seen, so I immediately pinned it to my "Wreath" board and began to obsess over it. It turns out this wreath I coveted, was for sale in this store: She has absolutely gorgeous stuff!
I couldn't really afford the well earned price of her wreath, so I decided to make one similar, but a bit more within my budget.

I know, right?
This is by far, my own favorite crafty project for this year. I love all things witchy, and this one totally feeds my love.

I started with just your basic grapevine wreath (24"), from Hobby Lobby for $6.00-but I used my 40% off coupon, making the wreath $3.60.

I purchased the glittered pumpkins, black crows, and all of the fall leaves from my local Dollar Tree store, total cost there: $11.00. The flowers I used were actually from an old centerpiece I had, and was planning to discard so those cost me...NOTHING!

I bought 3 boxes of Christmas ornaments (yep-xmas ones), also from Hobby Lobby. Glitter black, purple, and orange. There were 6 ornaments in each box, and I split those (and the cost) with a friend of mine who also made this wreath. Each box was $3.60 on sale ($10.20 total, divided by 2= $5.10).

These awesome fabric painted witch legs I purchased on Ebay, for $13.00, shipping included (this was item that I received a bit of a discount on because I bought multiple's-they are normally about $18.00 with shipping).  My girlfriends' legs have orange stripes.

I purchased this hat in the Halloween costumes at Target ($3.00), and then I clipped the wire in the hat brim, pulled it out and replaced it with lighter weight craft wire that I could bend easily. I stuffed the hat with black tissue paper, and then folded the back of the brim underneath, to keep the tissue paper in place, and stapled  it to the front side of the brim.
The boa came from Hobby Lobby (obviously I love this store), and was split between 3 wreaths. Cost of the boa was $6.99 (not on sale dang it). Dividing by 3 (another friend used some) makes it $2.33 for me.
Lastly, the ribbon and tulle were all items I already had, so I can't really give an accurate cost for them, but I used approx 4 yards in the bow for the hat, and maybe 2-3 yards total for the loops and streamers throughout the wreath. Tulle measurements were about 18" for each one I gave them a bit of a "ruffled" look by folding and stapling them a bit before gluing them down.
I convinced my friend Joy to give me 2 of her spiders, so those were free for me! Really she is so kind and wonderful and giving that she offered these to me (I'm buttering her up for future projects), so no large pleading scenes were needed.
I used about 5 hot glue sticks and some additional crafting wire for securing the pieces.

My walls are not purple or pink but a taupe color-bad lighting-lol

This was definitely not my best photo taking day, but the natural light was cloudy, but I know you can see the idea. I hope you like this wreath as much as I do, and that it inspires you to make something wonderful for the Halloween season.

Total $$$ spent by me for this wreath: $38.03 
(plus our sales tax).