Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Testimonial of a grateful grandaughter

This blog is dedicated to my mother Sally Robison. She is the sister to my Aunt Peg, (hence the titles of all 3 blogs). My mom has had a VERY difficult year, her health has been so bad that we almost lost in in June.  She continues to fight the good fight, and carry forward, and each day we have is a gift she gives to us.  This blog makes her happy, and it helps to make her feel wanted, loved, and cared for.  When I read the post done by my niece about her grandparents I HAD TO REPOST IT HERE!
I just want to share a great blog post done by my niece Staci.
She has written a wonderful experience she had with her Grandma Sally and Grandpa Carl.
Exactly why we dedicated this blog to Peg's sister Sally!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Amazing Grandparents

So if I am The Amazing Staci my amazingness has to come from somewhere right? Well I have found out where. Unfortunately for my parents amazingness skips a generation. I am just joking. they are amazing too. But where all this amazingness started was with my grandparents. You want to know an example of why or how they are so amazing? Well I have been saving my pennies to buy a laptop. Working my fingers to the bone pulling weeds, having birthdays, and just being awesome. Well any way the day before last I was having a rough go of life. (Ya see me and my friends are not getting along so well. =C ) Any way my parents had gone golfing (Who does that? Well my parents do because they are amazing. DUH!) and I was sitting home all alone being sad when the phone rang. Who might it be? Well it was my mum and my pop. Well my dad says to me,"Staci, I have a HUGE surprise for you. But I won't tell you what is it. You'll just have to wait until me and you mom get home in about an hour. We have some running around to do first." Well I asked him the obvious questions. Is it chocolate? His reply, "This is ten times better than chocolate!" Is it a call phone? "Do you have a steady job of which can support your cell phone bill?" me: no. "You really thought it was a cell phone?" Me: no but is does not hurt to dream big. Well anyway our conversation went on like this for a while and he would not budge. He has his mother's stubbornness. (Yes my grandma is as stubborn as and Ox and a Donkey. She is so stubborn she makes them look like they give in too easy.) So i an sitting home alone wait ing for my parents to get home driving myself nuts. Well finally I hear the dog bark and run up the stairs to fast you would think my fat little frame would go supersonic. Any way it is them. My mom had gone to Pirate O's and picked up some of the best chocolate on the planet. Kinder. It is German and amazing. You have to try it. So if you Fancie yourself a true reader and follower of my blog you have to try it. (By the way, I only have one follower. That would be my aunt. What is that about people? Maybe it is that I am so amazing I scare everyone away. Yeah that's it. :D apparently only my own kin can stand my amazingness and the only reason why is that she is amazing too.) Anyway I got the chocolate, and some of those wax bottle things that have some otterpop like liquid in them and ate made of wax that you are supposed to chew on. Then my dad gave me a laptop case. He said, "This is for when you buy it. You'll have a place to put it in." Of course I was close to crying. I hugged him and thanked him. Then he told me to grab a box for him out of the front seat of the car. This is just another one of my daily duties as the daughter of my parents. So I ran out there to get this stupid box they had not bothered to bring in. Then I notice that both of my parents are "taking out the dogs." By this I mean that the dogs were...doing there business and they were watching them so they don't run off. I thought to myself since when do they both take out the dogs? Then i get to the truck. I am barefoot and my dad had to park in the rocks on the left side of the drive way. So I am muttering curses at the world by the time I get to the truck. I open the door and there sitting on the passenger's seat is a big black bow with nothing on it other that the two little letters HP. I was stunned for a second and then I thought: it is probably just one of dad's computer programs. Then I think, but he gave me a laptop case. Do you see a connection? Well then I am getting excited and I run off (very carefully for I was holding all my hopes and dreams in a big black box in my arms.) towards the front door totally unaware of the rocks stabbing into my feet. I get there and my parents are smiling at me. By this time tears are running down my face. I ask them, "You didn't-" my dad laughed and told me that I was right. They didn't. My grandpa did. He had bought it for me. I have to pay him back of course but I was so greatful. I ran inside and called him. I probably thanked him about a hundred and fifty times. He told me that I was welcome and that now I have a lot of weeds to pull. I am so excited to got to work tomorrow and thank him in person. I am now typing these words on my amazing laptop. What kind is it? I have not the slightest Idea. But it is mine. :D Thanks grandma and grandpa.