Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quick Easy how-to for hanging pictures-simply brilliant!

I must say that I think I have found the best helpful hint of the century so far!  I just keep wondering why I didn't know this before I started hanging things on the walls of my new home...I know you will find this helpful too, so we GRATEFULLY thank  Rachelle over at Adventures in Creating!

Quick and Easy Way to Hang Pictures

I was hanging some pictures in Con-Man's room and thought it might be a good technique to share. I learned this back in the day when I worked at the furniture store. We changed up the displays often; so we needed a quick way to hang the pictures that went with the furniture.

Do you hate those picture frames that have the 2 hooks on each end for the nails? I do, I never have picture wire and if I didn't know about this way to hang pictures, mine would come out crooked every time. So, try this next time instead:

Lay the picture you are hanging face down. Take some masking tape or painters tape (anything that is not very tacky so it won't peel the paint off the wall) and lay it over the hooks where the nails will go. Then use a pen to mark where the hooks are.

Close up shot of pen mark. Make the mark at the very upper point of the hook. Most are a triangle shape, you will want your nail to go at the most upper point.

Next peel the tape off the picture frame and tape it on the wall at the height you want your picture to hang. Use a level to make sure it is straight. 

Now just hammer 2 nails in at the points you marked on the tape. After you are finished peel the tape off the wall. You are left with 2 nails in the perfect position on which to hang your picture.

See, quick and easy!

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