Monday, October 11, 2010

Flower Pom Pom's

We love Ashley at Little Miss Momma, she is so talented and creative. We wait for her posts to go up so that we can get great inspirations! We featured one of her posts recently, and just NEED to post this one too! You will definitely be hearing more about Ashley from us-she shines in out in blog land!

Scrunch Fabric Flower Pom Pom Headband Tutorial

Ready to learn how to make your very own Flower Pom headband?!

Here's what you'll need:
About 20-30 circles cut out of the fabric of your choice {about 1.5 inch circles}
Elastic Headband {purchased at Target}
Hot glue and glue gun
Let's get started!
Cut out one felt circle in the size you want your pom pom to be.
Take one of your fabric circles and scrunch from the middle.

Add glue to the end of the scrunched portion.

Place glue-side down on the center of the felt circle.

Continue to add the scrunched fabric circles around the center one.

...and add some more.

and some more...

and more...

Until voila! You have a full and fluffy pom pom!

Now flip over your pom and grab your elastic headband.

And glue your headband to the center of the pom.

Then apply the second felt circle on top of the headband to cover the band.

And now you have a fun pom headband!

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