Monday, October 25, 2010

Flower Pom Poms

 I have found another awesome DIY flower tutorial! There are several excellent versions of this flower floating around the blogosphere (including a different post I have here on this blog), but this is so simple and straight forward, and the pictures are excellent! We have 
to thank for this awesome post!

Pom pom 4

I've been seeing these cute flowers all over blogland/DIYland/Etsy lately. They're so fun and full, and I was dying to find out how to make them!
Then I stumbled upon the Pom Pom Flower Tutorial at A Glimpse Inside, and I could hardly wait to make one myself!
The best part of these flowers is that they are the perfect use for scrap fabric! You just need a long strip, that's all! I highly recommend you hop over to A Glimpse Inside for the full step-by-step instructions.

Pom pom 1
Pom pom 2

See? Yay for easy and fabulous!

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