Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Job Survival Kit

Our business venture Aunt Peg's Jewelry has created a new sister company called Joyful Creations!
We have partnered with 3 amazing women to begin this exciting chapter in our lives.
These 3 women, Joy, Ludean and Linda are currently working together in a professional capacity, but the goal for Joyful Creations is to grow large enough for them to leave their positions and focus on jewelry full time.
JOY, LINDA, & LUDEAN-wicked crazy, and so much fun!
Their excitement and enthusiasm for this project is making it so hard to stay focused in their current jobs that I decided to make them a small "JOB SURVIVAL KIT" to add a bit of humor and encouragement for the upcoming months...
I thought I would show you what I made for this...

I love this quote. Each time they might look at it I'm hoping to help them remember to keep their eyes on the horizon, for our goals are attainable, with some patience and a lot of hard work. 

A girl always needs some water to refresh herself, and the cute terra cotta coasters I made has a fabulous image of 3 old ladies "pole dancing"!

These are hand sanitizer bottles, with a fabulous insert that you personalize yourself. Here is the link to this great tutorial!  The Idea Room

Everyone needs a snack. Every day. Maybe all the time...
Best mustard dip you will ever find!
You can find the recipe here:  Sweet Mustard Dip/Sauce

Keeping your hands clean after snacking requires funny napkins!

A small way to cope instead of snap when your crazy supervisor stops by with some inane

I made a fun calendar stand that I personalized  just for them with some inside joke images to keep them smiling...they loved them!
Here is the link to the awesome tutorial and free download calendar pages from Very Merry Vintage.

Well these are the items I gathered together for my friends...I hope it's working! 


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