Monday, August 1, 2011

All about the shoes

Wait until you see the tutorial I stumbled across several months ago...Paper shoes!
These are beyond adorable!
Lori at Paisley Passions, (a HUGELY popular blog, and one I adore) created these shoes back in September of 2010, but the tutorial is so popular that I still see links out and about.
I really wanted to give you wonderful followers the link too, because there are soooo many fun things you can do with these!
Think Halloween witch shoes, bridal shoes, girls night out shoes, bunco gatherings, Christmas, New Years, Mothers Day, Easter, St.Patricks...see what I mean?
Lori has kindly provided the template so that you can get to work using your imagination to create an entire "wardrobe" of party favors!
Have fun!

Lori's own quote about her awesome shoe design: "Aren't they DARLING???????? I just LOVE them! They look super cute when they are stuffed with some "goodies" as a party favor."
And I agree with her completely!  THANK YOU LORI!

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